Wilcox Handheld Exothermic Cutting Torch Update

We liked the "HELLBOY" torch so much that we had the boys over for a beer to show us a few more details.  The first pic is a detail of the torch head opened.  Directly above the threads is the universal rubber adapter that secures the copper rod.

So, I would guess that carrying a "Quicky Saw" has gotten pretty tiring for you breachers out there.  You saw how the "HELLBOY" zips through the T-500 Armor Steel.  I bet that you were asking yourself how big the auxiliary items for that slick torch in the video was.  There are two spun carbon fiber fuel bottles available for cutting.  Below is the smaller of the two.  It isn't quite as small as a nalgene bottle, but is isn't much larger either.  Gone are the days of looking like Scuba Diving rejects from an old Johnny Quest episode with huge tanks on your vest and a monster cutter in your hand... 

We can't show you the torch fired up inside the Pro Shop (it cuts concrete too), but here is a rod inserted into the cutting head.  We tossed around the idea of slicing Matt's Honda, he wasn't for the idea.

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